Friday, 11 June 2010

Stourbridge no more and tonnes of beads for sale on my website!

I have had to cancel my attendance at the Stourbridge Bead Fair!

I have mixed feelings about this! I was really looking forward to go there but I was getting quite stressed at the same time trying to juggle all my commitments in the summer.

As a result, I now have masses of beads for sale.
I loaded the first batch (23 sets!) on my website yesterday. Quite a few of them have sold already (which makes me very happy!) but I have many more coming up next week including a few orphans lots.

You are welcome to let me know (by commenting or email) which type of beads you would prefer to see on my website as I might not have time to load everything before my holiday in three weeks time.

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  1. Hello :)

    Maybe you want to check this address and see your Polish sister's handmade adorable accessories :)

    She need support.

    Have a nice day.