Friday, 12 June 2009

La langue de Molière et la langue de Shakespeare.

I live between two languages. English is not my mother tongue and although I am fluent, there is much space for improvement. French is my native language but unfortunately I have lost my confidence in speaking and writing it after so many years of not practising it on a daily basis.

I am hoping that this blog will help me improve my skills in both languages.

J’évolue entre deux langues : au cours de mes 17 années de vie en Ecosse, j’ai perdu la spontanéité de la langue de Molière et son écriture. L’anglais, ma langue d’adoption, reste à améliorer.

Ecrire un blog bilingue peut être une source de perfectionnement linguistique. C’est le défi personnel que je me suis lancé en ouvrant ce blog.


  1. hi Annelyse, do you not speak in french to the kids? I was no good at french at school, i also had to take russian in 5th year the was really hard to learn, have a good holiday when you go back home in a few weeks, (read that on Emma's blog)Evex

  2. Hi Eve,
    I try but they are quite reticent. My little boy understand most things but replies in English but when in France plaing with other kids, he makes more of an effort.

    I am really looking forward to our holiday with a donkey. I will write about it on this blog I think.