Monday, 15 June 2009

New ventilation and beads just for me

I have been out of action (beadwise) for a few days as I have upgraded the ventilation system in my studio.

I now have a very powerful fan that bends my flame, give me a cold nose and pulls all the fumes away. I will now feel safe venturing into the world of enamels which I am really looking forward to as I really love the effects that can be achieved.

Anyway, I decided to test my new set up and made tiny little beads for a macrame bracelet with Griffin silk.
I made the blue purple beads a few weeks ago but I don't think that the colour goes well with the colour of the thread that I have ordered, so I made some new ones in a golden, irridescent glass which I think will co-ordinate in a much nicer way.

Then, I decided to attempt a tutorial by a very talented and famous beadmaker called Jennifer Geldard.
I managed to put my own little spin on it and I am very pleased with the result.

I think I am going to expand on this theme.

Here is the window bead:

A bientôt pour l'article en Français!


  1. Oh they look fab, the little blue beads are yum,x

  2. Hi Annelyse,
    Lovely beads and I am very impressed you can do a bilingual blog. Like you I live between 2 languages - English is my mother tongue, but I lived in German speaking countries for over 20 years now. I speak English to my children, but they speak German back to me and to each other they speak a Swiss dialect. Anyway, I have really enjoyed writing my blog in English, my mother tongue, although some days I am not so eloquent and I do have to check my spelling in English, so have a go at writing in French - you might surprise yourself.